Monday, March 15, 2004

The day after the elections. Calm and happiness for those who won, worries and sorrows for those who lost. I am not very keen on politics, I neither want to nor like talking about that. I do not know if I am a conformist or a "hakuna matata" person... I just know that this is the beginning and the end of this first paragraph, this is beginning and the end of the first and last non-verbalized thought about politics.

Knowing about people. Today a friend of mine from Madrid has told me she and her relatives are ok = relief. She is going to visit us on May = happiness. I'm still hitted by the images of the horror and I can not help but being moved = feelings of hatredness, anger, lack of security...

Saturday, March 13, 2004

Maybe today it's not a good day to start this new venture. Just half an hour ago I hanged a black ribbon on my window so to express my condemnation to the events taken place two days ago in Madrid. Yesterday I took part in the demonstration of Barcelona in favour of the victims of the terrorist attack and against terrorism. That terrible event is and will be for days in everybody's topic of conversation. Down with all types of violence!

¬°Ojal√° la pena devolviera vidas!

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